One step towards energy conservation

In today’s gizmo world we all are concerned in our own way about ecological living, global warming and ways and means of energy conservation. And we all do our bit for conserving energy.

These days mobile phones have become our lifelines. And so have become their chargers. We use them day in and day out to charge our mobile phones.

How many times have you switched off the supply at the same time as your mobile has fully charged? Think about it.

What happens when your mobile phone is fully charged but is still connected to the charger with the supply on? Think about it.

Even with the mobile phone fully charged the charger still consumes around 0.03 to 1W of power depending on its star-rating. Assuming that the charger is left on for an additional 2 hours, the electricity units(KWH) consumed in a year range anywhere between 0.73 (zero star charger) to 0.0219 (5-star charger).

However, what may seem as a trivial wastage of energy turns out into an ugly number when you look at it from the country’s point of view. For a country like India, with a population of 1.27Bn, this amounts to a power wastage of around 27Mn to 927Mn units per year. (see calculations)

What do you think about it now?

You can put an end to this energy wastage and reduce the power cuts in our country. Save power, save the country, contribute in minimising your carbon footprints.

Let us together make a RESOLUTION.....

We at pH Solutions resolve to save at least one lakh units of electrical energy in a year, starting today. We cannot achieve this alone without your support.

So come and join us in this noble cause. Download our Energy Saver App. When your mobile phone is fully charged it will buzz and buzz until you disconnect the charger. Your savings can light up somebody’s dark world.

Spread the light, spread the happiness.